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Egypt arrests 16 MB members, release video-taped confessions

CAIRO – 10 September 2019: Sixteen terrorists affiliated with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group have been arrested by Egypt’s security forces on Sept. 10. The terrorists are facing accusations of being involved in illegal acts with fugitives in Turkey.
According to an official statement issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the security forces were able to unveil a Muslim Brotherhood-plan aiming to destabilize the county’s security and stability along with targeting several vital facilities and buildings of the Interior Ministry, the Armed Forces and judiciary.
The plan also aimed at causing a state of chaos in the country which would allow the Muslim Brotherhood members to return to the forefront of the political scene in Egypt.
The communication between the outlawed group in Cairo and the fugitive members in Turkey were taking place on three different levels, according to the statement.
The three secret groups were aiming at smuggling foreign currency outside Egypt, smuggling unwanted and highly dangerous members of the brotherhood from Turkey to Europe and providing financial support to Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt, allowing them to carry out violence acts in the country.
The statement also explained that some of the terrorist members in Egypt are working in the management of some of the private companies, only as a cover to hide their hostility and illegal acts.
The Muslim Brotherhood fugitive members were identified by Egyptian authorities as Yasser Mohamed Helmy, Mahmoud Hussien Ahmed, Ayman Ahmad Abdul Ghany and Medhat Ahmad Mahmoud.
Furthermore, an amount of smuggled funds of foreign currencies has been seized with the terrorists. This is in addition to a number of passports, documents and papers, which are considered evidence of their plan against Egypt.
Recorded confessions
The National Security Department at the Ministry of Interior released on a video-taped confession of one of the 16 defendants.

“My name is Hossam Abdel Razek al-Madbouly. A while ago, I met MB member Yasser al-Zanaty who is fugitive in Turkey. We worked together in smuggling some goods and currency. We were also involved in illegal migration and delivered documents to Muslim Brotherhood elements who had escaped to Turkey. I have been part of more work with Yasser and recruited others from my sphere of acquaintances. I learnt that a number of Muslim Brotherhood fugitives in Turkey have been helping Yasser and knew that the main purpose of Yasser’s work is providing money to the Muslim Brotherhood group whose members illegally migrate to European countries,” the defendant said.
This is however, not the first plan reviled by Egypt’s security forces for Muslim Brotherhoods to destabilize the country.
Last June, The Ministry of Interior successfully thwarted a terrorist plot by Muslim Brotherhood leaders to target the state facilities institutions in coincidence with the celebrations of the anniversary of June 30 Uprising.
The ministry said in an official statement that “the national security sector has managed to uncover a villainous scheme, orchestrated by fugitive Muslim Brotherhood leaders in cooperation with their operatives inside the country who claim to be representatives of civil political powers.”
According to the statement, the scheme was called “Hope Plan” that work on uniting the Brotherhood group members, funding them from the revenues of some economic entities as they seek to topple the state and its institutions coinciding with the commemoration of the June 30 Uprising.
Information received by the National Security Service revealed that the plan is focused on establishing routes for the financial funds sent illegally from abroad by some hostile countries to work on carrying out violent and riot acts across the country to disrupt celebrations of the revolution's anniversary, the statement said.
The Muslim Brotherhood is designated in Egypt an outlawed group that is held responsible for many assassinations and terror attacks committed since its foundation in 1928. The terror acts by the Brotherhood culminated in the aftermath of the ouster of Former President Mohamed Morsi who is affiliated with the group.