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Muslim Brotherhood sparks psycho war against Egypt: Ex-member

CAIRO – 20 September 2019: A former Muslim Brotherhood member has warned that the terrorist group is plotting a psychological war against Egyptians to sow frustration across the country.
Ibrahim Rabie, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, stressed in press remarks on Friday that the terrorist group is seeking to bring down the Egyptian state.
Rabie said the group seeks to topple Egypt through a number of mechanisms, most importantly “psychological wars”, which are being generously funded by enemy countries.
He further pointed out to a number of methods the Muslim Brotherhood is seeking to achieve its devious scheme, including:
– Contracting with big PR companies to initiate promotional campaigns to spread disappointment among Egyptians.
– Recruiting journalists and media platforms to publish fake news and rumors.
– Publishing fabricated and fake pictures and footages to defame Egyptian figures and officials.
– Forming a parallel public opinion, both locally and internationally, to fight state institutions.
In earlier remarks, Rabie said the terrorist group is purchasing pages and columns at foreign newspapers to spread lies and rumors to serve its interests.
He added that full budgets are being dedicated for foreign newspapers that allow the brotherhood to use them as platforms to attack Egypt through fake media campaigns.
Rabie also affirmed that Muslim Brotherhood figures like Youssef Nada and Ibrahim Mounir, deputy general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, are communicating with western media outlets to incite against the Egyptian state and defame its image abroad.