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Pro-MB Fugitive launches cyber attack against state, asks members to cover their face

CAIRO – 21 September 2019: A voice message believed to be recorded by fugitive Hani Sabry, allegedly a Muslim Brotherhood "terrorist" group member, has asked others who he called "youth" to send him links of Facebook accounts, as part of a systematic campaign attempting to oust the president.
In this video, TV Presenter Amr Adib has displayed the recording, along with a video showing some persons positively responding to his demand, by which he aims at launching a cyber attack against the leadership.

Two persons appeared in the video, reportedly claiming they are officers, while covering their faces, at the request of Sabry.
Egypt has designated the Muslim Brotherhood group as a terrorist organization since late in 2013, after former President Mohamed Morsi, who also served as head of the "terrorist" group, was ousted.