Video: Talaat Zakaria passes away at 59

CAIRO – 9 October 2019: The funeral of late actor Talaat Zakaria will be held on Oct. 9 from Al-Amry Mosque in Attarin area, Alexandria. The body of the late actor arrived in Alexandria from Cairo where he passed away on Oct. 8.
The body was accompanied by family members, in addition to actress Hana el-Zahed, her mother Sherine el-Manzalawi- Zakaria’s divorcee- and Head of the Theatrical Professions Syndicate Ashraf Zaki.
Zakaria passed away on October 8 at the age of 59, after a vicious struggle with illness. In 2007, he suffered of inflammation in one of the arteries of the brain, which led him to be hospitalized before slipping into a coma. He later recovered.
“Halimo Ostoret el-Shawate’” (Halimo the beach legend) was the last artistic work performed by the late actor. It was initially released in movie theaters in December 2017. The film co-starred Dina, Reem el-Baroudy, Amina, Nermin Maher and Bayoumi Fouad. It was directed by Mohamed Saed.
Shortly before his death, Zakaria also participated in the film “El Mawqef" alongside Menna Fadaly, Mohamed Reda, and Rico. “El Mawqef” is directed by Mamdouh Zaki.

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