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House speaker asserts support to Yemen, promises to attend parl’t opening

CAIRO, Nov 19 (MENA) – House of Representatives Speaker Ali Abdel Aal expressed eagerness to take part in the inauguration of Yemeni's new House of Representatives, promising to be among the first guests to arrive at the opening of the premises.
Abdel Aal made the remarks during his meeting with a visiting high-level delegation of the Yemeni parliament under its Speaker Sultan al-Burkani on Tuesday.
The stability of Yemen is Egypt's stability as well, Abdel Aal said voicing support to the Yemeni people.
He added that Yemen is the safety valve and gateway of the Red Sea, describing it an inalienable strategic line for the region.
Egypt's House of Representatives is eager to offer all kind of assistance to the Yemeni people, speaker Abdel Aal said.
Abdel Aal said Burkani is a brother and dear friend whose accompanying delegation are welcome guests in their second home, Egypt.
He further asserted the need of restoring unity and stability in Yemen.