Arafa: I wish to continue making movies till the end of my life

CAIRO – 20 November 2019: Veteran Egyptian director Sherif Arafa expressed his happiness with the Faten Hamama award he received from Cairo International Film Festival, revealing that how the attendees welcomed him was the best thing that happened to him.
''I am not used to stand in front of the camera I am used to stand behind camera'' Arafa said,
The renowned Egyptian director thanked his father the late great director Saad Arafa who taught me a lot/
''Waheed Hamed for me was like the light that came out of darkness'' Arafa added in his speech.
Arafa thanked as well the great star Adel emam who strongly believed in his talent.
'' I have to thank a great woman who supported me a lot, my wife I love my daughters and son and keen to leave to them a legacy to be proud of'' Arafa recounted.
At the end of his speech Arafa wished to continue making movies till the end of his life.