For 1st time, Ahlam sings in Egyptian dialect

CAIRO – 11 December 2019: Emirati singer Ahlam announced that she will sing for the first time in the Egyptian dialect, after sticking for years to the Arabian Gulf dialect. Ahlam is preparing for a mini album in the Egyptian dialect.
Ahlam said in statements to Oman Radio on the sidelines of her concerts at the Royal Opera House in Muscat that she communicated with many Egyptian poets to collaborate with them on the album, noting that she will hold sessions to finish the album soon.
The famed Emirati star emphasized that through her singing in the Egyptian dialect she will deliver a message describing the state of the Egyptian society, explaining that it will be a token of love for her Egyptian fans.
Ahlam has recently released the song “Ana Ma Astaghna Anak” (I Cannot Do Without You), written by Mansour al-Balawi, composed by Nasser al-Saleh and distributed by Khaled Ezz.