Cairo Show Theatre to produce Mekki’s ‘Hazalqoum’

CAIRO – 11 December 2019: Cairo Show Theater sealed the deal of its latest productions; "Hazalqoum" play starring Ahmed Mekki.
Director and producer Magdy el-Hawary, co-founder of Cairo Show Theatre, expressed his happiness with presenting Hazalqoum in a theatrical work, emphasizing that the character is very rich and provides a fertile material for comedy. Hawary claims the character will achieve great success on theater; the same way it succeeded in cinema and television.
“I chose the character of Hazalqoum to lead the play because it is very intriguing. This character always made me and everyone around me laugh,” commented Hawary.
The play is directed by Karim Samy, described by Hawary as one of the most successful graduates of Cairo Show Theater.
Besides Mekki, the play stars Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Salam and Mohamed Mahmoud.