‘Prospects of Education’, a pre-forum workshop that took place at WYF

CAIRO – 13 December 2019: “Prospects of Education & Capacity Building in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Age” is a pre-forum workshop that took place on the side-lines of the third edition of the World Youth Forum.
education 1
The pre-forum workshop tackled how living in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will finally change not only what we do but also who we are.
education 2
Hundreds of youth participating in the third edition of the World Youth Forum wrote down their dreams and ambitions for the coming year on the new year tree. This comes in the framework of the forum New Year celebrations.
The forum management invited the WYF youth to celebrate the New Year by participating in the "New Year's Tree" event, by writing their wishes for the upcoming year on lamps illuminated by the New Year tree, so that all lamps are lit simultaneously to give an exquisite appearance and create a different spirit.
The World Youth Forum administration as well expressed its sincere wishes to people from all around the world to have a happy New Year full of joy and fulfilment of dreams.
The third edition of the World Youth Forum is set to be held in South Sinai’s Sharm el-Sheikh from Dec. 14-17, under the auspices of the Egyptian Presidency.
The forum mangment organised theatrical shows set to be presented starting December 13 with the opening, to bring together promising artists from all over the world to present their talents and represent their cultures through a variety of cultural and artistic activities.
Sophia, the most advanced robot and first artificially intelligent (AI) robot to be granted a citizenship will participate in the WYF as well.
The World Youth Theater activities begin on Dec. 13 with a number of shows for Rola Zaki from Egypt, the Mozar team from Morocco, robot Sophia, the Horse Band from Egypt, Fatmir Mura from Albania, Kuana Adebisi from USA, and Marisa Hamamoto and Piort Iwanicki from Poland and USA.