The Velop saves your internal design, your Wi-Fi

CAIRO – 3 August 2017: Your home's interior design is often rewind by cables cutler, and other frustrations from faulty internet. A simple solution to this that helps optimize your internet system has been finally discovered.
If you hide your router in a closet, room or T.V Cabinet, it will harm your Wi-Fi reception. Here is a new solution to all of that; something that will not harm the reception of your Wi-Fi and will keep your interior design look fancy as it is. The solution is The Velop.
The Linksys Velop “is a high-performing modular Wi-Fi mesh system of nodes built to provide exceptional Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home,”according to Wallis pr.
Velop's modular design works within every type of home, where one Velop’s will work across 2,000 square feet of coverage. Hence Linksys is featuring dynamitic tri-brand technology that provides faster Wi-Fi and load balancing to ensure peak Wi-Fi performance throughout the home.
If you are streaming 4K content, gaming, or video chatting, then Velop is just the thing for you, as it provides exceptionally fast Wi-Fi to secure optimal performance even when multiple Wi-Fi devices are connected.
The Velop is available now in The United Arab Emirates with the price of $270.63.
The Velop- Wallis