Celebrities with Heterochromia

CAIRO – 3 August 2017: Have you ever seen a cat or a husky dog with different eye color for each eye? This is actually called ‘Heterochromia’ it can happen to humans too and it usually looks amazing! According to, Heterochromia is a medical condition, which results into differentiation in the colors of the eyes, but does not cause any symptoms or problems. Here’s a list of celebrities with Heterochromia.
1- Alice Eve (Known for Star Trek: Into Darkness)
Alice Eve 2011 Comic Con – Gerald Geronimo – Wikimedia commons
2- Dan Aykroyd (Known for Ghost Busters)
Dan Aykroyd cropped – Rnunezart – Wikimedia commons
3- Kate Bosworth (Known for Superman Returns)
Kate Bosworth Deauville 2011 – Georges Biard – Wikimedia commons
4- David Bowie (but not really) : Even though most people assume he had Heterochromia, according to, the renowned Singer/Song writer and actor David Bowie did not actually have Heterochromia, in fact both his eyes were the same color (blue) but the left eye was permanently dilated due to a condition called Anisocoria.
1973-10-19 'Pin Ups' by David Bowie 'Japan CSR for U.S. RCA Records Pressing] [Cover] – flicker/Wishbook
5- Henry Cavill (Known for Man of Steel)

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