In Pics: Egypt’s Tourism Ministry illuminates Khufu Pyramid to send message “stay at home”

CAIRO – 31 March 2020: The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry on Monday illuminated Khufu Pyramid of the three Giza Pyramids to send a message to the Egyptian people and the world to stay at home for their own safety from the coronavirus (COVID-19).
Short Arabic and English sentences appeared on the pyramid's facade reading "stay at home for your own safety..Salute those protecting us."
Egypt is keen to send a message to its people and the world to stay at home and protect themselves and families, Tourism Minister Khaled Anani stressed.
Anani also sent a message of appreciation to "those protecting us and combating the pandemic.", saying "as we stay at home, doctors and medics work at hospitals to save patients and others are doing their best to safeguard us."
He wished the Egyptians and world people to be in good health.