Reina discusses his battle with coronavirus

CAIRO – 2 April 2020: Pepe Reina, Aston Villa’s goalkeeper, spoke about his battle with the coronavirus pandemic after being isolated for more than 10 days.
In his interview with Corriere dello Sport, the Spanish showstopper [Reina] revealed his story with the virus.
"I was isolated after the first symptoms of the virus – fever, a dry cough, a headache that would never leave, a sense of fatigue," Reina said, as reported from Sky Sports.
Additionally, the 37-year-old goalkeeper [Reina] expressed the story behind the difficult 25 minutes he had during his illness.
"The only real scare was when I was missing oxygen for 25 minutes, just like my throat suddenly closed up and the air could not go through it,” Reina added, according to Sky Sports.
Lastly, AC Milan’s goalkeeper who is on loan to Aston Villa expressed his opinion suspending the Premier League for until April 30 at least due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.
"Everyone's wellbeing goes above anything else. I will be a supporter of playing when everything is in the best conditions, that everyone is safe,” Reina said, as reported from Sky Sports.
As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, several countries such as England, Italy, Spain, and France suspended their sports competitions due to the pandemic being widespread among around 200 countries and territories.