Egypt’s Tourism Min. organizes virtual tour of Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Barquq

CAIRO, April 6 (MENA) – The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is to organize a virtual trip to the iconic archaeological site of Mosque-Madrassa-Khanqah of Az-Zaher Barquq on Monday through its social media networks.
The visit falls within the framework of an initiative launched by the ministry with its partners to organize virtual tours of some archaeological sites and broadcast them via internet.
Every day at 7 pm, the ministry airs a virtual tour of an Egyptian archaeological site online.
The initiative aims to promote tourism and enable people around the world to explore the ancient Egyptian civilization amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.
Mosque-Madrassa-Khanqah of Az-Zaher Barquq is a religious complex in the historic district of Cairo.