Egypt’s Fine Arts Museum displays Mahmoud Moussa’s sculptures

CAIRO – 8 April 2020: In an attempt to fight COVID-19, the Fine Arts Museum of the Fine Arts Sector continues to call on Egyptians to stay at home on its official Facebook page.
“Stay home, we’ll bring the museum to you,” is a comment made on the museum’s official Facebook page, where the museum launched an online exhibition of its most important holdings.
Among the museum's most important holdings exhibited at the “Online Museum” is the work of artist Mahmoud Mousa.
The great Alexandrian artist, Mahmoud Moussa, was born on May 17, 1913. He completed his preliminary study at Al-Azhar to become an important sheikh.
However, Moussa announced to his family that he wanted to practice his father’s profession, the formation of stucco decorations for the facades and interiors of buildings.
Thus, Moussa joined the studio of the Society of Fine Arts Amateurs to study art.
“Around 1929, I knew that there was a night school about to open to teach decoration, sculpting, and photography. I, of course, was always keen to check the magazines and newspapers that my dad used to bring. I was very keen to read about Mukhtar’s story and the story of his sculpture the Renaissance of Egypt. I was always interested in the statues of the ancient Egyptians and foreign artists,” said Moussa about this important time of his life.
Part of Moussa’s intriguing sculpting works – ET