Mogamma el-Tahrir: Renovated landmark in Tahrir Square shines like Paris

CAIRO – 18 May 2020: The iconic Tahrir Square was originally constructed in 1865 in the French style of the time because Khedive Ismail loved Paris. After a lot of renovation work in 2020, the Khedive’s wish is today closest to reality.
Mogamma el-Tahrir
Soon, the final look of the square will be revealed when the newly-transferred Karnak rams are uncovered. But on Sunday, the star of the square was Mogamma el-Tahrir, a massive building that hosts numerous government services.
The Gamal Abdel Nasser-era structure overlooks the square, attracting thousands of visitors a day to finish paperwork. It became greyish and did not represent a pleasant tour for citizens.
It has now been painted and illuminated in a modern technique that flatters its artistic design and to match the beauty of its surroundings as the square is being renewed into an open museum.
The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square
An obelisk has been planted in the square, which is now surrounded by the covered rams. Palm trees, olive trees, and plants that represent the ancient Egyptian civilization have been grown in the square.
A three-tier fountain around the obelisk will operate and benches will be available for passersby to watch the scenery.
Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli and Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anany visited Tahrir Square Sunday night to inspect the renovation work amid great care from the government to show the famous Tahrir Square in a truly beautiful look.
Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli and Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square May 17, 2020
The square, which is close to the Nile Corniche, leads to several landmarks, including the Egyptian Museum, the Khedive-era downtown, Qasr el-Nil Bridge, and other areas that are all important tourist attractions.