Arabic Nostalgia screens a number of comedy plays celebrating Eid el Fitr

CAIRO – 18th of May 2020 Netflix is presenting its audience with a series of their most beloved comedy plays celebrating Eid el Fitr.
Netflix members will be able to watch this collection of plays through a dedicated row on the service called “Arabic Nostalgia.” including: El Eyal Kebret, Al Motzawgoon, Bye Bye London, Raya w Skeina, Morahek Fl Khamseen, Shahid Ma Shafsh Haga, Sok Ala Banatak, Madraset Almoshagbien, and Elwas Sayed Elshagal.
All the plays will be subbed in English and streamed around the world in 190 countries for users with Arabic user interface. While Al Motazawgoon, Raya w Skeina, Morahek Fl Khamseen and Bye Bye London will be available for users with the English user interface and the rest of the plays to follow.
Netflix presents Arabic plays to the service – stories that many of its members in the region have grown up watching.
The audience will watch these Nostalgic plays uninterrupted and in high quality. The plays was available on the service starting on the 21st of May.