40 tourist facilities to re-operate in Egypt’s Red Sea

CAIRO – 24 May 2020: After being closed for a two-month hiatus due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, some tourist hotels in Egypt’s Red Sea were allowed to re-operate, in light of the government’s efforts to ease the restrict measures gradually.
Governor of the Red Sea Amr Hanafi granted accredited certificates to 40 hotels to start operation after they had completed some of the controls and conditions that were put to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus.
“We will adhere to the procedures announced by the Prime Minister during Eid Al-Fitr to close the [public] beaches, but the hotels we have in the governorate will operate their shores naturally amid strict precautionary measures,” said Hanafi.
Public beaches will be completely closed, in compliance with the decision stated by Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli, he added, noting that privately-owned boats and yachts are allowed to operate if the owner abided by the precautionary measures.
Boat owners who violate these measures will be stripped of operation licenses for several months and be fined, Hanafi said.
"Safari trips, diving, and all marine activities will be suspended during the Eid al-Fitr holiday," the governor added.
Egypt imposed stricter measures during the Eid El-Fitr religious holiday, including extending the night-time curfew hours and a full suspension of public transportation to stem the spread of the coronavirus, Prime Minister Madbouli announced on May 17.
Late April, The Federation of Chambers of Commerce, in cooperation with the Chamber of Hotel Establishments, set seven main pillars to represent an action plan for safe tourism operation through applying a package of precautionary, preventive, and sanitary measures at hotels and restaurants.
The seven-point plan includes preventive measures at hotels upon receiving guests, in addition to internal supervision on laundry, food, and beverages, swimming pools, beaches, and gyms.
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