Egypt’s Fine Arts Syndicate to create statue of legendary Ahmed el-Mansi

CAIRO – 26 May 2020: Safia El-Qabbani, head of the Fine Arts Syndicate, announced the launch of an initiative by the Egyptian sculptors affiliated to the syndicate to create a statue of legendary martyr Ahmed el-Mansi.
Qabbani explained that the aim of the initiative is to create a statue to commemorate the martyrs of Egypt, who sacrificed their precious lives to preserve the security and stability of the country, and that this is the least that could be offered to the martyrs.
Qabbani indicated that this work represents a field monument and an integrated design in which architects, sculptors and designers will participate.
Furthermore, the head of the Fine Artists Syndicate stated that the initiative aims to make a dummy-statue of one meter in height, to demonstrate the idea, style and manner in which the statue will be executed, followed by the formation of a specialized committee of leading artists to choose the place and dimensions by which the statue will be implemented.
A competition will be announced to the experienced specialists in the field of sculpting.
It is worth noting that Ahmed el-Mansi is an Egyptian officer who held the position of commander of the 103 thunderbolt battalion, based in El-Arish in North Sinai.
During his military career, he became famous for leading several law enforcement campaigns made up of Egyptian thunderbolts and aimed at eliminating terrorist organizations in North Sinai.
He and several members of his battalion were martyred on July 7, 2017 during the events of the Barth ambush attack in the city of Rafah in North Sinai while responding to an armed terrorist attack on members of the Egyptian Armed Forces.
His military career in North Sinai and the incident of his martyrdom were shown in the series “El-Ekhtiyar” [The Choice] in Ramadan 2020, achieving success throughout the Arab World.