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Egypt celebrates Day of Africa

CAIRO – 25 May 2020: Egypt celebrates, Monday, the Day of Africa, which marks the anniversary of establishing the Organization of African Unity on May 25, 1963.
“On May 25, the African countries celebrate the day which marks the anniversary of founding the first joint African organization, namely the Organization of African Unity,” Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.
The ministry added that this day represents the spirit of African solidarity and the feeling of the unity of purpose and destiny among African people and leaders.
“Egypt played a vital role to develop this common African vision to face the continent's challenges. The organization, now known as the African Union, was founded to offer a new unified voice to the African continent and its people,” the ministry stated on its official Facebook page.
The ministry added that coronavirus pandemic has reminded the whole world, including the African countries, of the importance of joint action.
“The African continent has become more in need of African action and solidarity, with the support of the international community, to overcome all challenges and bring peace and prosperity to the continent,” the statement read.
The ministry added in the statement, “As Egypt celebrates this day with the African countries, it reaffirms its adherence to the joint African work, exerting all efforts to reach the continent's goals, preserve its interests, and support the African Union's agenda.
Egypt also calls on the international community to continue its support to the continent in facing the new challenges posed by the coronavirus which threatens the stability and the path of development.”