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Egypt’s national election authority to announce candidacy for the Senate on Saturday

CAIRO – 3 July 2020: Egypt’s National Elections Authority (NEA), presided by Judge Lachin Ibrahim, will announce candidacy for the Senate on Saturday, according to a statement from the NEA.
President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Thursday approved the draft laws regulating the legislative elections, the laws regulating the exercise of political rights, the laws on the Parliament, and the laws on the National Election Authority.
Egypt’s House approved officially, a bill on establishing the Senate, during a general session.
According to the passed bill, the Senate will be made up of 300 members, with one third to be elected through the individual system, the second third through the closed list system, and the last third to be named by the president.
In addition to this, at least 10 percent of the Senate seats should be occupied by women, and there will be 27 constituencies for the individual system, and four constituencies for the closed list system.
The senator's term of office will be five years and it will start as of the first meeting of the Senate.
A Senate candidate, according to the bill, should be of Egyptian nationality and should have performed the military service and enjoy full political and civil rights and have a university degree.
The Senate will be tasked with making suggestions on how to promote democracy and social peace, as well as maintaining values and freedoms in society.