UAE to inaugurate Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum on Wednesday

CAIRO – 7 November 2017: The UAE will inaugurate the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday where celebrations and activities will be held for four consecutive days.
Several figures will be attending the opening ceremony including French President Emmanuel Macron and Louvre Museum manager in Paris Jan Luke Martinez among others.
The Abu Dhabi museum will open exhibition halls to the public featuring music performances, artistic shows, dance shows, and workshops. Some of the musicians leading performances in the ceremony include Lebanese singer Ibrahim Maalouf.
Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum – File photo
The first museum in the Arab region operating on a global vision, Louvre Abu Dhabi combines a range of cultures and different heritages resonating from all over the world.
The museum has a vision of implementing universalism through an Arab-oriented vision not a European one, according to an article by Emirati newspaper The National. This concept is improvised throughout 12 galleries.
Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum – File photo
One of the galleries includes a medieval French sculpture of the Virgin Mary and an ancient Egyptian statue of the goddess ISIS carrying her son who was also a god named Horus.
Other displays include golden funerary masks from the Levant, China and Peru. These galleries are dedicated to revealing the heritage and history of several countries and ancient empires including the first kingdoms of Egypt, Mesopotamia, South Asia, China, Mesoamerica, West Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum – File photo
Some statues in the museum come from the classical Greek, Egyptian, and Sumerian periods and are located on a path leading to other galleries, including one that is dedicated to the Hellenic world. The gallery introduces the achievements of Alexander the Great through battles and several Roman emperors.
Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum – File photo
Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum – File photo