Documentary ‘Stranger in Paradise’ in PEF

CAIRO – 8 November 2017: The 2016 Netherland mock documentary "Stranger in Paradise" is part of the

Panorama of the European Film Festival,

and will screen on Thursday, November 9.
Directed by Guido Hendrikx, the film is set in a classroom where several refugees arrive to be interviewed by actor Valentijn Dhaenens, who is impersonating a social worker. For each of the three separate groups, Dhaenens changes his tone to reveal the various sides of how refugees are viewed. For one group, he makes them feel unwelcome, pointing out the costs of living and why Europeans do not want them.
With another group, he reverses his views, explaining how welcome they are. The final group is asked various questions regarding their right to asylum. Through his probing, Dhaenens brings to light the power imbalances refugees face when coming to a European country and the oppositions they must deal with. Since its premiere on December 8, 2016, "Stranger in Paradise" has won several awards, including the Biografilm Festival 2017 Audience Award and Hera Award for Best Debut.
The 10th edition of the Panorama of the European Film Festival is held at Zawya Cinema and will run from November 8 until November 18.